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WELCOME TO, for a lack of a better term, "Brazil Legal Shysters," the site designed to expose any and all verified transgressions by Brazil Judges and lawyers and to put you on a more level playing field with lawyers and adversaries.

The following Brazil Legal Shysters aren't garden variety ticket fixers or sad-sack drunks. You won't find the guy or gal who was caught by a hidden camera at Wal-Mart, swigging stolen pills at a drinking fountain or stealing candy bars. This is truly amazing incompetence and/or dishonest misconduct, hard to explain, except to say it's downright injudicious.

The laws are supposed to be made by the people and for the people. They are not supposed to make judges, lawyers, and bureaucrats a privileged ruling elite.

SHYSTER DEFINED: Ballentine's Law Dictionary defines "shyster" as "A trickish knave, one who carries on a business, especially a legal business, in a dishonest manner. An unethical and unscrupulous lawyer."

LEGAL ADVICE: Do not depend on the articles in this site to illustrate anything more than the opinions and/or experiences of those that have submitted them.

REPRINT POLICY: Except for those articles which specifically identify a copyright or have been reprinted with permission of another publication, permission is granted to reprint any article in the Brazil Legal Shysters, provided that the reprinted article contains the following credit: "Reprinted with permission from the Brazil Legal Shysters:"

CORRECTION POLICY: Unintentional errors may appear within this web site and we are eager to make corrections quickly and candidly as soon as we discover and confirm them. If someone has been falsely accused, we will investigate and make every effort to see that they are correctly accused.

ADVERTISING AFFILIATIONS: A person is expected to submit a responsible gift in appreciation for the efforts expended.

PUBLISHING POLICY: I offer to publish and/or link to all verified transgressions by Brazil Judges and Lawyers and place their name within the Brazil Legal Shysters "STENCH LIST."

WARNING: You have the right under the constitution to act as your own attorney.



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